Our Custom Aquariums are designed to meet the Specific Demands of our Clients.

Our Tailored approach turns our Client's Dream into Reality, a Breathing Aquarium.

We specialises in Custom Aquariums and We personally oversee every stage of the process to guarantee Consistently High Standards while maintaining a Personal Touch. 





- Initial Consultation with Client

- Feasibility Study, Free Quotation, No Obligations Site Visit

- Custom Fish Tank Design in Glass

- Structural Engineering Control 

- Life Support & Filtration System Design

- On - Site Building of Mega Tanks

- Delivery & Fish Tank Installation

- Filtration & Plumbing Optimisation

- Tailored Aquascaping

- Procurement & Introduction of Livestock

- Maintenance & After-Care Considerations


Our Dedicated Team offers Professional

Ongoing Service of the Highest Standards.

We make Your DREAMS come TRUE...



Comprehensive Delivery of Custom Aquariums

from Initial Consultation to Successful Installation

Custom Aquarium Means

Developing The Vision of Our Client