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Aquatic Dreams - Singapore's Premier Manufacturer of Custom Made Aquariums & Cabinets With The Highest Safety Standards To Ensure Our Customers' Property & People Stays Safe & Sound Without Worrying About Fish Tank Leakages & Cracks. 
Aquatic Dreams - Our High Quality Tank Uses Only Aquarium Silicone From Wacker 121 (Made In Germany) Which Boasts Elasticity Through Slow Drying Process & 100% Safe For Fishes. All Tanks Are Guaranteed 7 years Warranty Against Leakage!
Aquatic Dreams - Our Cabinets Are Made of Solid Plywood With Choice of Metal or Solid Kapur Wood Beams Which Are Able To Withstand Extreme Heavy Loads From Water In Fish Tanks. All Doors Have ABS Trimmed Edges. (New Upgrades Available - Please Check With Our Sales Team) 
Aquatic Dreams - Committed To Constantly Improve & Introduce New Technologies To Enhance Safety & Add Innovation To Our Tanks & Cabinets. 
Aquatic Dreams - Specialise In Unique Yet Practical Designs For Creating Living Aquariums In Homes, Offices, Public Places & Seafood Restaurants.